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Come Volunteer!


Sign-Up is easy to use! The first time you visit the link below, you will put your name & email into the system, and then review the list of jobs & dates. When you find an event of interest, just add your name. The system will send you a reminder before the event.


April 20th
Volunteer Thursday 5:30pm

April 16
KRC Junior Jump-Painting Party

April 27
Volunteer Thursday 5:30pm

April 29/30
Western Rider Clinic & Test Day



May 1-8
KRC Spring Classic H/J Show

May 11
Volunteer Thursday  5:30pm

May 25
Volunteer Thursday  5:30pm



June 3-4
KRC’s Learn to Drive Weekend

June 8
Volunteer Thursday  5:30pm

June 10-11
KRC Bronze/Gold Dressage Show

June 22
Volunteer Thursday  5:30pm



July 13
Volunteer Thursday  5:30pm

July 14; July 16
KRC/MCR 3-Day Event

July 27
Volunteer Thursday  5:30pm



August 3
Volunteer Thursday  5:30pm

August 3-7
KRC Summer Sizzler: Desert Series #2

August 10
Volunteer Thursday

August 24
Volunteer Thursday   



September 14
Volunteer Thursday

September 28
Volunteer Thursday

Sept 28-Oct 2
KRC Fall Finale: Desert Series #3




Oct 5; 7-9, 2023

KRC Dressage Test Fest


October 12

Volunteer Thursday

October 26

Volunteer Thursday




November 9
Volunteer Thursday
Last One! 5:30pm

Please note that event organizers will determine suitability. Everyone's help is appreciated; some jobs are more technical and may require specific experience. We will attempt to describe the specific jobs required before you sign up.


Tracking your volunteer hours

Stop in at the Clubhouse Patio to track your hours in the volunteer binder or online above. Everyone must sign a waiver. Waivers are available in the plastic box on the patio or can be printed from the  membership page & delivered to the club patio when you arrive.


EVERYONE volunteering at KRC, whether a club member or not, is required to sign a waiver. This is not an option; it is a requirement for the club's insurance coverage. Blank waivers are available on the clubhouse patio. Everyone can sign the equestrian waiver. Please note there is a waiver for Under 18 and an adult waiver. Please leave completed waivers in the clear box provided.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me



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