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2024 Road to the Horse Champion

Tik Maynard is the son of Rick and Jennifer Maynard. Rick Maynard is an international three-day event rider, who later competed as a Grand Prix Show jumper, in the 1970’s. Rick still rides and coaches in Vancouver, Canada. Jennifer Maynard is a Grand Prix dressage rider and four-star Para Dressage judge.  

Tik Maynard’s unique equestrian resume has enabled him to successfully develop horses and riders through a teaching philosophy that instills confidence and sets pairs up for success regardless of end goals. A revered natural horsemanship and eventing trainer, Maynard’s career with horses has evolved from experiences for the betterment of horse and rider relationships.

Having spent his early years as a Pony Clubber in Vancouver with parents who were entrenched in equestrian sport, Maynard later went on to represent Canada at the 2007 Pan American Games in Modern Pentathlon. “I grew up thinking of horses as sport, about competition and training for that goal. When I went out I always had the idea that I was going to become a better rider. Then I went through a series of experiences with people around the world, and started to think more of riding horses as a relationship, and training as a process.”

Those experiences included working student and assistant trainer positions under such accomplished individuals as Anne Kursinski, Johann Hinnemann, Ingrid Klimke, David and Karen O’Connor, Bruce Logan, and Ian Millar. These legendary athletes and the horses in their varied programs taught Maynard invaluable lessons – for better or worse – that he carries with him to each new endeavor. 

Maynard’s clinics attract horse and rider combinations working at all levels and with varied goals, from active competitors to horsemanship-focused owners,


Tik has Evented at the Advanced level and been long-listed and short-listed for Canadian National Three-Day Event Team. 

Tik is a two-time freestyle winner (2015 and 2018) at the Throughbred Makeover and has also judged the competition (2017). 

Tik serves as an on-line instructor for The Horseman’s University and for the Noelle Floyd Equestrian Masterclass.  He is a regular guest on podcasts, and a contributor to the Practical Horseman, Noelle Floyd, Chronicle of the Horse, Horseman’s Journal, and others. Tik was a columnist for Off-Track Thoroughbred Magazine for six years.

Tik is the author of In The Middle Are The Horsemen, published by Trafalgar Square Books, in 2018. The book was then published in German, 2020 and to an audiobook in 2021

Tik is married to Sinead Maynard, a USA Three-Day Eventing Olympic Team member, and host of the popular podcast In Stride, by Ride IQ.  Together they have two children, aged 1 and 4. Tik and Sinead regularly teach eventing and horsemanship clinics.

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July 10 Clinic Day 1

Day 1: Horsemanship & Groundwork

All Disciplines Welcome

Clinic starts at 8:00am for Group 1

Groups are max 4 riders

Clinic Includes Breakfast & Private Lunch in Clubhouse each day with Tik.

During both lunches Tik will give a seminar for participants only

Auditors welcome


July 10 Wine & Cheese Evening

Join us for a memorable evening of delicious Wine & Cheese in the Clubhouse featuring a Q&A with Tik Maynard. 

Bring your books for signing! 

Doors open at 5:45pm, starts at 6:00pm

Tickets can be purchased via website or at the door. 

Tickets to this event are separate from clinic


July 11 Clinic Day 2

Day 2: Under Saddle 

Option A: obstacles and poles, open to all disciplines

Option B: Jumping Group 1 - Cross-rails to 2'3" (only 4 spots)

Option B: Jumping Group 2 - 2'3" and above (only 4 spots)

Option C: in-hand groundwork *Young/green horses welcome.



Auditors welcome

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